How to build true friendships in the world of business

There was a report somewhere that the social circle of a human cannot exceed 150 active friends, with just about five of them in the close part of our life.

For any business person or entrepreneur, this is bad news. We know networking is a significant part of business. So what do you do? Well this post is meant to help you out

Entrepreneurs need networking for business growth, so to destroy that loneliness in your business, here are few tips to build true friendship and excel in the business world.

Be yourself?

You cannot build relationships without being yourself. No one will come close to you or anything you put out if they feel an air of insecurity around you. You must be yourself, and you will meet the right people. And when anyone knows the true and real you, they would be willing to help you.

Give yourself?

Be willing to let go of yourself. One reason why many entrepreneurs fail is that they first look out for what will benefit them, Most of them ask “what’s in it for me?” Well, that might be a wrong approach. The right question should be, “How may I help you”? You will get into the minds of those you offer to help, and also those you genuinely help. You must get to know him or her, and offer to help, and help.

Find a common ground

When you are attempting to build a relationship, you must build it on common ground between the two parties. Many people look out for the personality in the other person, but this can be a wrong approach. Why not look out for the other person and begin from there. Share your ideas, and find a common ground between the both of you. At this point, this guy or partner you want to build a relationship with must have already started striking an affinity for you too

What are our shared interest?

Having followed the step 3 above, you know his/her purpose. Now, you must know your common interests. What are those things you both want, what are those things you both hate? There should also be a list of things you like, and he hates, and vice versa.

Following these steps will help you build a true friendship in business. It might take a while, but there’ll come a time, you no longer need to market or promote. You’d have done it up front.